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Aston Martin DB2 Saloon LML/50/163
Engine No LB6B/50/595
Alpine Blue with Blue trim & Grey piping
Supplied New by Belgian Aston Martin agent Mannes to:
 Mr Jacques Segard Esq.,
10, Rue De La Gross Pomme,
Mons, Belgiumon the 16/04/1953

Very little is known of its early history but it was back in the Service Dept on the 4.10.54 to the 12.10.54 at 47171 km
From the service sheet: 
Engine decarbonised, new valve springs & timing sprockets, Valve timing reset, oil filter cleaned & oil changed.
Gearchange mechanism checked & adjusted.
Front shockabsorbers & trailing link pins & bushes renewed.
Play in steering box taken up. Panel repairs to front wing and bonnet assembly, rear of car, split at boot carried out.
Paint rectified after above repairs. Brakes cleaned & adjusted. Faulty window frame in N/S door rectified. 

It was at the service dept again 2 years later on the 8.10.56 at 97000 km for:
Plugs, points and carburettors cleaned & adjusted. H.T leads renewed. Camshaft cork seals renewed. New accelerator cable fitted. Oil seal to steering rocker shaft housing renewed.
Castor, camber and king pin inclination checked. Steering tracked and front wheels aligned. Reconditioned front shock absorbers fitted. Splits on bonnet platform repaired and rewelded. Front wing repaired. Paintwork made good.

A replacement reconditioned engine VB6E/50/1360 
was supplied on the 22.6.62 to a Lt. D.G. Weber of the USAF  
at a mileage of 85500 km
On the 27.7.64 the car was back at the service dept at a mileage of 53307 km for:
Head gasket replaced. Full engine tune, sparking plugs cleaned & set, valve timing adjusted with special jig, new camshaft covers fitted,  oil leak from sump rectified. Engine filled with fresh oil. Axle & gearbox assy. dismantled and cleaned. gearbox re-assembled using new parts as necessary. Rear axle re-assembled with new parts as necessary, also clutch. 
Remote gear change control made up and fitted, also new gearbox cover. Front suspension stripped out and cleaned and front chassis members painted. Front suspension and steering re-assembled with new parts as necessary, also rear suspension. Broken spokes in wheels replaced, steering and suspension geometry adjusted. Braking system overhauled.
Brakes re-aligned and bledalso adjusted.

The car must have gone to the USA after this as it was reimported somewhere in the early 1990's for or by Brian Fearn / David Akehurst.
It was bought by Jean Moss & Chris Adams 
to build into a race car in 2002 for themselves,
this was before they bought the DB2 MYT 625.
It sat around at Four Ashes in the yard for a couple of years whilst Jean & Chris decided what to do with it.
The deal was struck late in 2004 for Mr Andrew Sharp to buy the car as a ready built racecar for the Spa Six Hour Meeting in 2005. 
We started work on the chassis & body, which were seperate from each other, in last couple of days of December 2004.
After the New Year break we started in earnest on the work needed to convert the car from a roadcar to a race car

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