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Old 2.6ltr race engine from MYT 625
24/08/05  Mallory Park, CM Adams,    16 laps, 1st drive anywhere, Wednesday test day in the pouring rain.
24/08/05 Oulton Park, AC Sharp,          HSCC Gold Cup, August Bank Holiday, 1st Race, DNF core plug failure so engine fried but broke lap record for type after 7 laps
New 2.9ltr Race Engine fitted 230+bhp
Sept 05 Castle Combe  AC Sharp, Track Day, 4 lap sessions with 4 x MX5 fast road cars, lapped them all, sessions stopped for car as fuel tank moved & fuel filler popped open.
24/09/05 Spa Francorchamps AC Sharp,  M.Hoble, M.Oldfield. Six Hour Race qualified in 47th place, finished in 27th place.
02/10/15 Mallory Park Sharp/Adams, Oldies but Goldies, qualified 3rd, Black Flagged for spilling fuel, fastest lap of race with AC Sharp driving
08/10/05 Oulton Park, AC Sharp, AMOC 50s race, qualified 1st, race was pole to flag victory with DB2 with 2nd place going to Robin Pearce in an AC Ace Bristol then the DB3S copy fitted with DB4 GT engine in 3rd, Chris Woodgate driving. New lap record for type (with chicane) which was almost as fast as the lap record for type without the chicane
02/10/05 Oulton Park, CM Adams, allcomers race, abandoned due to idiots crashing on 1st lap, restarted then again crashes then fading light
15/10/05 Silverstone National AC Sharp, HSCC Finals, Classic Sports Cars inc 70s, qualified 14th with a new lap record for type, 8th overall with another new lap record for type.
So Endeth the 2005 season,
During the cars 1st half season, the head was removed when excessive valve clearances found between Castle Combe track day & Spa, this was due to valve tip excessive wear which in turn was faulty valve manufacture, head gasket failure found at same time,  caused  by a batch of faulty head gaskets, the valves were tipped & a new good head gasket fitted
The fuel tank movement was cured, fuel spillage from Mallory was cured, the water leak from the water pump gland seal during the Spa Six Hours was cured.
Problems not cured - couldn't run car with less than 20/25 ltrs of fuel because of fuel pickup problems ?. Oil leaks from gearbox ?
Oil & filter changed after every race, gearbox & axle changed after Spa then at end of season, brake fluid changed after every race.

Keith Dixon looked over the car for a couple of hours at AMOC Oulton Park & declared that he couldn't see what made the car so fast but he mentioned the car & its details to the late Ted Cutting, Ted thought that AM should have kept on developing the DB2 & not bothered with the DB3  (but the DB3 became the DB3S & lessons learnt with all of them became the DBR1/2/3/4/5- CMA)
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