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The People Involded in the Rebuild of 8 EMU
Where to start, well start at the beginning.
Jack Moss, my parents friend who gave me, Chris Adams, a job at Four Ashes for a week at 1st whilst waiting for results of my interview with Saville Tractors (??!)
Michael Moss, Jacks's son, who repaetedly had faith in me learning to build heads & then engines, then lending me cars even though he was scared he wouldn't get them back, Mike was killed in a car accident on November 8th 1982.
Tom Butler, he gave me a lot of grief as a kid before I worked at Four Ashes, even more after I started but who taught me lot & I hope, became a true friend of mine in the last few years of his life, he died on Saturday 18th April 2020 of COVID 19 related respiratory problems.
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