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We started the rebuild of the car on the 30th of December 2004 with a vision to create something rather special, our brief from Andrew Sharp was 'a car the won't finish at the back of the grid'
So I built the car that I wanted for Jean Moss with Andrew's money, not a like a true Lightweight Team DB2 as we had never studied one until 2006 but as close to one as I thought it should be.  

In fact the car was an ideal starting place as it was a just a bare chassis & a body with its original boot lid, no doors, no bonnet, no chrome so we could make it as light as we possibly could without making a new body. 
The 1st thing our friend, the late Bill Prangle did was to replace the badly corroded diagonal box section of the chassis that fits from the centre to the OSR near the lower axle mounting bracket. Bill then welded crude strengthening brackets from the rear diagonals to the the origiinal seat fitting brackets.
When we came back in on January 5th we carried on with the car & a huge amount of other projects, Bill welded in seat belt mounting brackets to the chassis, we also took off every excess bracket, drilled lghtening holes vertically across the box in the box sections above the fuel tank so the dirt never collects (the Works Lightweight Team DB2s were drilled horizontally across the box which then filled up with water)
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